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We will install your new dishwasher for you.
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dishwasher installDishwasher Repairs can not only repair appliances, but if the cost of repairs is too excessive for the value and age of the machine, then we are fully qualified, licensed and experienced to supply and install new appliances or if you want to purchase the new appliance, then we will be more than happy to install this for you.

Some appliances do not need installation, but with the larger appliances, such as dishwashers, wall ovens, under bench ovens, hotplates and clothes dryers, the installation task can be quite demanding.

When replacing some old appliances, such as hotplates and cooktop units of stoves, and wall ovens, the hole size from older machines is usually different to the new appliances, and this will sometimes require cutting or adjusting the hole.

Don’t waste your time or patience trying to fit a new appliance yourself, contact Dishwasher Repairs, and we will complete the job will a professional style and satisfaction.

We will organise home delivery and installation that’s fully guaranteed. This includes disconnecting and removing your old dishwasher, installing and testing the new one, and then we will dispose of the old machine too.

In Queensland it is law that anyone doing repairs or installation of any electrical appliances must be a licensed electrical contractor. The Dishwasher Repairs business is owned and operated by a fully  licensed electrical contractor in two states (Queensland and New South Wales), and also fully insured to supply complete satisfaction with every job.

Contact us now, and we can give you professional and honest facts, options and prices to either have the faulty machine repaired or replaced with a similar and good quality machine, with a guarantee of satisfaction.

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